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September 2022

Image Description: A path leading into a park with benches to each side. The trees are losing their leaves. They are bright orange and beautiful.


A Letter from Michelle (Our Treasurer):

"Hi everyone!

When I was younger, fall meant that it was time to return to school and routine-weekdays were the early rising days, filled with yawns waiting for the school bus, weekends were for cereal and crunchy leaves. And as happens, the bright colored leaves opened up the same feeling in me-the yearning for warm blankets, comfort shows and maybe a nice glass of apple cider.

That hope of comfort has stuck with me as an adult-every year I look at the leaves beginning to turn colors and I start to drift towards self-care days that involve favorite books, big blankets and my puppy. And it is that sense of support and safety and serenity that is why I volunteer my time with Survivor Cards.

I help handle the books and financial spreadsheets, but I also write letters. There's something special about getting a note from someone who just wants your day to be a little better that brings a smile to my face-and being able to give that to someone else is just as delightful."

- Michelle BB, Treasurer & Volunteer



Outpouring of Support

We would like to thank all our volunteers who stepped up this month and wrote hundreds of cards for us to use as the holiday season approaches!

Winter and the holidays can be difficult for those who have survived traumatic experiences and we are so grateful for your help in making sure we have a Survivor Card for every person who could benefit.

If you'd like to volunteer for us, we have supplies and many opportunities!

We are always looking for writers, envelope stuffers and envelope decorators.

We are also on the look out for a website designer and social media or advertising experts!

Email us at to learn more!


Volunteer Hour Feature

Image Description: The left image shows a box overflows with cards. The top card has a blue envelope with a black heart on it written in Sharpie. The right images shows 225 cards laid out in stacks with the envelopes saying "To my friend" and "To a wonderful person"

Thank you to the OHS Boys Soccer Team for writing us a whopping 225 cards!

We are amazed by your boys’ empathy, compassion and love for survivors.


September Fundraising Goals

 Sometimes coming up with caring words can be challenging and sometimes we're not in the mental or emotional space to give someone part of your time. That's okay. We want you to take care of you first!

There are lots of ways to support Survivor Cards, even if you're not able to write.

We could always use donations of time, money or supplies to help us help other people.

Our monthly budget is between $300-$500, depending on events and supplies that are needed, but don't be discouraged! Even $1, $5, and $10 donations help us do so many things!

You can also help us by connecting us with local organizations, agencies and companies who may benefit from our cards. Even if you think we already know about this place, please send it to us anyway-we want to help as many people as we can!

Can you help us raise $300 for this month's operating costs?



Anderson FallFest

Image Description: A cream colored background with bright yellow leaves. Bold black font reads "Fall Fest" and smaller print reads "Anderson Towne Center Sep. 24 3PM-8PM"

We will have local and national resources, resources, as well as information about Survivor Cards' future volunteering, writing and letter exchange events at the Anderson Mental Health Collaborative table at FallFest!

Come enjoy live music, food, beer, local vendors and restaurants.

Join us September 24th from 3-8 PM at the Anderson Towne Center for this fun-filled event!


Tristate Trauma Network Fall Conference

Image Description: There is a background made of two different color blues. The following information is listed out: Trauma-Informed Care Fall Conference: Honoring Trauma Survivors' Unique Needs & Gifts - Monday, October 10th 8:00A-4:30P - Reception Event Center Erlanger, KY - Up to 6 CEUS available. Below this information is Tristate Trauma Network's logo (a butterfly on a puddle) and their tagline "Building hope through system transformation"

Just a quick reminder that we'll be set up at Tristate Trauma Network's 8th Annual Trauma-Informed Care Fall Conference: Honoring Trauma Survivors' Unique Needs & Gifts on Monday, October 10th from 8 AM - 4:30 PM at the Reception Event Center in Erlanger, KY.

From their website: "The Tristate Trauma Network is excited to be hosting its 8th Annual Trauma-Informed Care Fall Conference, back IN-PERSON, and back at the beautiful and hospitable Receptions Event Center! Join us to learn from INTERNATIONAL, national, and local TRAUMA EXPERTS, who will be sharing their knowledge along with innovative, trauma-specific approaches.

CEU applications are in process for OH Counselors, Social Workers, MFTs; and KY Counselors, Psychologists, MFTs and Social Workers. Aprroval is pending for these Boards. Tristate Trauma Network is an approved Category 1 provider in IN, allowing continuing education credit for Social Workers, MFTs, and Mental Health in the state of IN. Up to 6 CEUs will be offered for this event."

Tristate Trauma Network focuses on providing high-quality training to service-industry professionals on trauma-responsive care and educating the public on how trauma plays a crucial role in our emotions, behaviors, and ultimately, our futures.


Letter Writing & Exchange Event in Anderson

Image Description: A flyer that says in bold, teal and blog font "Join Survivor Cards for a Letter Writing & Exchange Event" along with the event info below, as well as our logo, clip art of a slice of pizza with the cheese dripping off and colorful music notes

Survivor Cards is having a Letter Writing & Exchange event for ages 12+ at the Anderson Branch Library Meeting Room on Saturday, November 19th from 11:30 AM - 2 PM!

Join us for this community-focused & inclusive event where we will write letters to survivors of trauma, connect with our artistic side, eat delicious pizza from Dewey's, listen to music, and learn about local and national resources!

We're asking folks to RSVP by November 12th so we can ensure we have enough supplies and food.

Cards will be available for folks of all ages, in case someone attending could use one or they know someone who could benefit. We'll have local and national resources available to take home.

We would love to find a guest speaker or two that can discuss their personal experience, professional expertise, local resources, mental health first aid, or community care.

We will be sharing age-appropriate information on PTSD and suicide with attendees so they can recognize signs of someone needing help in their community and who to talk to about it.

Please RSVP to or use our Facebook Event link.

Please let us know how many folks are coming in your party, ages and any dietary restrictions.


"Spread the Love With Survivor Cards" Event

Image Description: Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is written in black font and the green Girl Scout logo is next to it. It is a girl's side profile echoed and repeated in white and green in the shape of a trefoil.

We are happy to announce that our "Spread the Love with Survivor Cards program for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has sold out!

Please note that they are considering expanding with more dates depending on interest and availability, so if you have a Brownie or Junior age Girl Scout who would be interested, contact Arrianne Byrum at

We are also listed in their Program Events Guide 2022-2023 on page 73!

See below:

Image Description: A snippet from the Program Events Guide 2022-2023 reads: "Spread the Love with Survivor Cards - Registered - Brownies and Juniors - One small act of kindness can change someone's life. girls will learn mental health tools and trauma-intervention skills. Then create hope and healing words on handwritten cards. Patch included! Contact: Arrianne Byrum at - Cost $3/Girl - Date 12.17.22 - Time 1PM-2:30PM - Location Girl Scout Center Cincinnati, 45242"


"From one human to another, you are a spectacular soul. And I appreciate the passion and drive you show every day, just by waking up to try.

You are enough, just the way you are, and I'm delighted to be in a world where we get to do good together."

-Michelle BB, Treasurer & Volunteer


As always, if you have any questions about what we do, volunteering for us, receiving a card, facilitating a volunteer hour, letter exchange or card drive, or wish to inquire about future events, please send us an email at

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