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What We Do

Survivor Cards


Our original and main focus!

In a time when technology has brought everyone instantly together, sometimes it also seems to isolate and remove survivors of trauma from connecting to others. What we seek to do is bring back a little of the magic in getting surprise mail that seeks to support and encourage.

In every envelope we send out in the world, there is an anonymous, handwritten note from someone who cares, along with mental health resources, freebies and the hope for a better day.

Each card is secular and inclusive, so it resonates with any recipient.

While we have a primary focus in Southwestern Ohio, we are willing to serve survivors anywhere, from within the state to across the world!

In 2022, we began coordinating with retreats, trainings, domestic violence shelters, mental health organizations, shelters and more to provide them with the gift of card drives and coordinate letter writing exchange workshops for the folks they serve.

 We can even help teach and facilitate these workshops for organizations serving the trauma survivor community, free of charge!

Want to write a Survivor Card?

Visit our Tips & Publications page to get started!


Diverse Book Fairies of Cincinnati

Improving Literacy. Building Empathy. One Book At A Time.

A network of volunteers dedicated to getting diverse and traditionally banned books into the hands of children and families around the Cincinnati area via distribution to Little Free Libraries, classrooms, homes, recreation centers, places of worship, correctional facilities and more, for those otherwise lacking transportation and access.


Help us in our mission is to bridge the gap, promote literacy and encourage inclusivity through literature! 

We believe that reading diverse literature is crucial for the development of empathy and understanding in young readers, and recognize the importance of seeing themselves as they are, represented in books. 

Learn more here!


Girl Boss Walking - Anderson

"Girl Boss Walking - Anderson" is a women's walking group that meets in Anderson Township!

Women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds welcome. 

We are trans-inclusive!

This group was formed to provide a safe space for women to enjoy a "hot girl walk" for their mental and physical health, with less fear for their safety and the added perk of group accountability!

Follow us on Facebook!

Join our private Facebook group where we plan walks!


In Loving Memory Photo Albums

Made possible by, we have photo album kits available on a first-come, first-serve basis for those grieving the lost of a loved one.

Interested in learning more?

Email us at with subject "In Loving Memory"



Free Curriculum - A Young Leader's Guide to Trauma and Healing

Great for educators, camp counselors, 4H, Scouts, mentors and more, our Free "A Young Leader's Guide to Trauma and Healing" is a quick introduction to what trauma is, how it can impact someone you know, how to cope with trauma and identify coping skills and support persons, and be a good friend or neighbor.

While this curriculum works best for 12-14 year olds, it can be modified however you need and used with all ages.


A Survivor's Voice - A Presentation for Colleges with Social Work Programs


This presentation is free to college's with social work and counseling students and can be done in person, or if long-distance, over Zoom or similar. Students learn what helped our Founder, Alyson Wick heal in therapy, outside of therapy, and which trauma informed approaches were conducive to her healing journey.


Attendees walked away with tangible tools and immediately accessible resources for survivors. This presentation services to enhance the knowledge of the trauma surrounding sexual assault, and what can be helpful responses to sexual assault survivors for the future.


Would your college be interested in having a similar presentation?


Email us at with subject "A Survivor's Voice" 

Survivor Cards

Hope. Healing. Solidarity.

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