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Have a question that isn't answered here?

Feel free to email us our use our Contact Us page to get in touch!

Q: Can you sign off on volunteer hours?

A: We sure can! Just let us know when you sign up to volunteer and we can arrange this.



Q: How do I get involved in writing Survivor Cards for survivors?

A: To write cards for us, all you need is something to write on, something to write with and a stamp!


Make sure to read through our Writing Tips for our guidelines.

Need examples of past cards? Click here.

We can provide supplies for free regardless of location and cover postage! Just ask.


Once your letter is written, email us or use our Contact Us page to get in touch and we'll let you know where to send it. We even have a drop off box at our home office in Cincinnati, Ohio for locals!


Q: How do I organize a volunteer hour with my employer, workplace or group to write cards for you?

A: We have downloadable and printable flyers, writing tips and guide here!


We'd also love to help plan your event and get the word out about it if it's open to the public.

Email us or use our Contact Us page to get started!



Q: How do I request a Survivor Card for myself or someone I know?

A: Survivors of all trauma experiences are welcome to request a card for themselves or for someone they know, regardless of their location or experiences.


Cards come addressed from "S Cards" to protect your privacy and have a residential Cincinnati, OH return address.


All we need is a first name or nickname and an address to send the card to! 

Need resources for yourself or someone you know? Visit our Resources page for national and local organizations.

Want to nominate yourself, an individual or organization to get a card?

Click here!

You can also use our Contact Us page or send us an email at


Q: Can I get Survivor Cards for my non-profit organization to distribute to survivors we work with?

A: Absolutely!


Distributions of cards are provided to organizations on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can provide 50-100 cards for you to distribute to survivors you serve every 6 months.


Let us know if you are in need of cards mostly for youth or adults, what resources they could benefit from having included with the card, and any other specifics. We'll do our best to make it happen!


We can also teach you how to organize a letter writing exchange workshop for your support group members and/or survivors you serve. Our concept is a mission and we fully encourage "copy cats!"

While we mostly serve Southern Ohio, we are open to serving survivors anywhere!

Email us or use our Contact Us page to get started!

You can also put in a quick request using our Nomination Form.


Q: Do you facilitate letter writing exchange workshops?

A: If you are a non-profit in the Cincinnati area, we would love to come facilitate a letter writing exchange workshop with the survivors you serve and teach you how to repeat the process in the future.


If you are outside of the Cincinnati area, we can meet over Zoom, Teams, etc. to go over the process. 

If facilitating a letter writing exchange workshop yourself, we suggest reaching out to discuss it so we can assist you in creating a safe and welcoming environment.

We also recommend having a quiet space set aside for folks to go if they become overwhelmed, triggered or activated. You can assign a person to check in on those who utilize the space and an agreed upon signal for folks to use to let the check-in person know if they need support.


 We have national and local crisis resources listed here​ if you or someone you work with needs them!

Email us or use our Contact Us page to let us know your needs!


Q: What organizations have you given cards to so far?

A: We have provided cards to many great organizations, including, but not limited to YWCA of Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, Tristate Trauma Network (TTN), Walleyes for Wounded Heroes, NYAP (National Youth Advocate Program, the Cincinnati Veterans Association, Lindner Center of HOPE, and Heroes on the Water. 

We've love to add your organization to the list!



Q: How can I get in touch about a media request?

A: Please fill out our Media Request form for all media inquiries.



Q: I have a resource I'd like to request be added to your Resources page. How can I make that request?

A: At this time we are only adding non-profit resources to our Resource page. Please utilize our Resource Addition Request Form to request your organization be added.

Survivor Cards

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