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May 2022

Updated: Oct 4, 2022


Tristate Trauma Network

This month, with your help, we provided 30 cards to Tristate Trauma Network (TTN)!

"Established in 2015, the Tristate Trauma Network (TTN) focuses on providing high-quality training to service-industry professionals on trauma-responsive care and educating the public on how trauma plays a crucial role in our emotions, behaviors, and ultimately, our futures.

To date, we have trained more than 4,000 and certified more than 300 service-industry professionals in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In addition, through our Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Learning Communities, we have facilitated change within 32 tristate agencies to become more trauma-informed. TTN is a membership-based group of more than 200 dedicated individuals and agencies who understand that trauma knows no boundaries, no stereotypes, no gender and no race and requires a specialized approach.

Each of our members plays a vital role in creating trauma-informed systems of care and influencing change for future generations so that trauma survivors can not only heal but thrive."

Tristate Trauma Network distributed these to survivor attendees of the 1st Annual Survivor's Ball here in Cincinnati, whom they sponsored.

Tristate Trauma Network's table at the 1st Annual Survivor's Ball

Survivor Cards provided to Tristate Trauma Network were distributed to survivors attending the ball

From their website: "Join us for a powerful 2-day event on Friday, May 20, 2022- Saturday, May 21, 2022 @ Oasis at Grace, 5524 Belmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224 as we celebrate survivors of abuse, trauma, and extenuating circumstances.

Our goal is to provide workshops, presentations, marketplace, and an evening of excellence as we navigate and praise the works of those who’ve been through it all.

Our entire team is comprised of survivors. Speakers include MasterPiece (Dallas, TX), T-Spirit (Ferguson, MO), Ed Mabrey (Los Angele, CA), MoPoetry Phillips, Dawn "The Psalmist" Crooks, Ketha & Jessica Harrison, and Amanda Stoddard all from Cincinnati, OH.

The Survivor’s Ball was created to celebrate the strength and courage of surviving mental, physical, and emotional trauma and to build a community of survivors, who are well connected to support resources, and to provide a platform where their stories can be shared."


Forest Hills 5K

On Saturday, May 14th, Survivor Cards had the opportunity to set up at the Forest Hills 5K at Nagel Middle School for their After Party.

Over 3000 people came through to see us and the other 75 booths set up for the mental health awareness fair!

With the help of our community, we collected 40 cards towards our current fulfillment goal of cards for the Cincinnati Veteran's Association.


Spectrum News

On Saturday, May 28th, Survivor Card volunteers met in Anderson Township to shoot a feature news story for Spectrum News.

It was one of our first gatherings in person as a group since COVID and it was so nice to see so many warm, smiling faces!

Founder, Alyson Wick spoke about our mission and vision, the impact we've seen and how setting up at the Forest Hills 5K went, as well as our current and future goals.

Meanwhile, volunteers wrote cards and prepped envelopes for the Cincinnati Veteran's Association fulfillment.

We will post a link to the segment once available!


Cincinnati VA

We reached our 100 card goal for the Cincinnati VA fulfillment!

These cards will be sent out next week to the Cincinnati VA, to be distributed to their PTSD and sexual assault support group members in the months to come.

Cards spilling out of bags

Cards lined up in rows

A pile of 100 cards



Identifying Potential Card Recipients

Do you know a group, nonprofit or organization that works with survivors of trauma that could benefit from a fulfillment of 30-50 Survivor cards?

Are you or do you know an individual that could benefit from receiving a card?

Please email us at and get in touch!

We are working to identify our next recipients and group fulfillments!


Anderson SummerFest

We will be setting up at Anderson's 1st Annual SummerFest at the Anderson Towne Center on June 4th, 2022, put on by Anderson Chamber of Commerce!

The event runs from noon-9 PM, with live bands and entertainment, shopping, food, business and art vendors, a beer garden and activities for kids.

Mark your calendars and learn more about this brand new, exciting event here!

We will be set up from 12-5 PM.


Yes Means Yes - Letter Writing Event

For our followers who live near Granada Hills, CA, a new letter writing event has popped up on June 25th at Zelzah Park!

The student members over at Yes Means Yes are putting on a spectacular day complete with prizes and snacks.

To RSVP, follow the QR code or click here.

Thank you to these awesome students for putting this together for us!



501c3 Status

Unfortunately, we have heard from the IRS that they are inundated with nonprofit 501c3 applications and it could now take up to 6 months for us to reach this status.

Thankfully our in-house costs are small, but we are in desperate need for donated supplies and volunteer hours.

If you have any stationery paper, cardstock or greeting cards collecting dust, please consider donating them to us!

If your group, organization or place of employment would like to donate an hour of their time writing, we would love to arrange this with you!

Please email us at for more information, tips and organizing help!



Girl Scout Programming

We are continuing to develop our curriculum for this December's Girl Scouts of Western Ohio program for Brownie and Junior age girls, here in Blue Ash.

This program will provide age-appropriate education to girls, including subjects such as mental health and trauma-intervention skills, as well as provide them with a chance to write cards for a Survivor Card fulfillment for youth in need of hope and healing words.

We will continue to update you and provide sign-up information as soon as it becomes available!


Once again, thank you for reading and for your amazing support, as we continue to touch the lives of survivors everywhere. - Alyson

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