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March 2023

Image Description: A patch of green clovers growing on the ground Spring is right around the corner and we are so excited to share what we have just around the corner, too! 🍀



March Card Drive

Image Description: In the background is a low field of daffodils blooming. They are yellow and their stems are green. The font on the image is also green. It has the info listed below on a white background. Happy March! We are excited to announce our next Survivor Card drive recipient, Lindner Center of HOPE! Lindner Center of HOPE is a nonprofit, mental health center in Cincinnati snf cards collected this month will be given to those receiving their inpatient and residential services. Deadline for this collection period is April 2nd. Email us at to get started!


Tools to Take Care Event

Image Description: A light blue background has black font reading "Tools to Take Care" There is a dark teal illustration of a person crossing their legs with their arms at their sides. The info below is on the image, as well as Survivor Cards' logo and Touch Education's logo. Survivor Cards' logo is an open white envelope with a letter coming out with their organization name on it in black handwriting. A teal heart is the seal. Touch Education's logo is blue and green font. The "touch" has a line under it, barely touching the "o" in "touch" There are only 3 more spots remaining for our Tools to Take Care: A Community Self-Care Event on Saturday, March 25th! Are you interested in learning more about self-care and yoga? Have you wanted to learn about stress and its impact on the body? Do you want to give back to survivors of trauma by writing? Join Survivor Cards in collaboration with Touch Education at Practice Yoga Cincinnati, 7745 Five Mile Rd Cincinnati, OH 45230 on March 25th from 1-3 PM for this free, community self-care event! Matt Howe with Touch Education will be giving a presentation on stress and its impact on the body, while Nicole Howe will teach us self-care exercises and lead us in calming yoga. Afterwards, we will write letters for Survivor Cards' current drive benefiting Lindner Center of HOPE! We are so happy to announce that Sonya, a sound healer from Inner Radiant Life will be joining us to provide background music and inspiration! All materials will be provided. Please consider wearing comfortable clothing.


Hot Girls Walking - Anderson Group

Image Description: A teal background features a white cross walk at the top and 3 pairs of legs walking along it. One pair of legs wears white pants and hot pink heeled boots. Another pair wears a bubblegum pink shade skirt and white high heels. The last pair has hot pink pants and white tennis shoes on. The information below is in white and black font. Survivor Cards envelope logo with a teal heart seal is in the bottom right corner with a purple banner to the left of it, reading in white font "Find us on Facebook!" New! Hot Girls Walking - Anderson is a new women-only walking group founded by Survivor Cards that meets in Anderson Township! This group was formed to provide a social and supportive group of women walking with women, for safety, habit-building, physical and mental health. What is a "hot girl walk"? 💗 A "hot girl walk" is simply getting up, getting out, and going for a walk for the purposes of mental and physical health! Our first Hot Girls Walking group walk is at Beech Acres Park tonight at 5:30 PM. Meet us at the amphitheater! We will be planning more times to meet and walk soon. This group is inclusive to beginners, women with all abilities and disabilities, all ages, backgrounds, religions and races, and our trans sisters. While our Hot Girls Walking group is exclusively for women, Survivor Cards unapologetically and unequivocally inclusive, serving survivors from all races, religions, genders, economic backgrounds, orientations, disabilities, ages and more.


QPR Training

  • Image Description: A white desk with a computer monitor is shown. The screen says "Free QPR Suicide Prevention Training" in colorful letters. To the left of the monitor is a keyboard and mouse. To the right is a white utensil cup holding pens and a pair of scissors, as well as a small pine tree. There are white star decorations on the wall. The 1N5 logo and Instagram handle is at the bottom of the screen. 1N5 is spelled out in green, red and purple letters. From our friends over at 1N5, here's a few great opportunities to take a free, virtual QPR Suicide Prevention Training (for parents, caregivers & other adults in any community) Dates Available: 3/14 from 4-6, parent focused, but open to all 03/22 from 4-6, educator focused, but open to all What is QPR Training? As someone who may be in the best possible position to prevent suicide—parent, caregiver, teacher, coach, mentor–you will find that QPR is designed to help you save a life.

  • Question – a person about suicide

  • Persuade – someone to get help

  • Refer – someone to appropriate resources

  • QPR is NOT a form of counseling or treatment.

  • QPR is intended to offer hope through positive action.

  • By learning QPR, you will come to recognize warning signs, clues, and suicidal communication so you can identify people in trouble and act vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy.

  • Independent researchers and federal agencies have suggested that QPR intervention could be useful in far broader applications – recognizing a person who needs professional help but is not suicidal.

As CPR is for the HEART, QPR is for the MIND! Now more than ever, knowing the basics of suicide prevention and how to have the conversation about it can help those struggling with isolation and fear. MindPeace and 1N5 will be sponsoring free QPR trainings each month!



February Card Drive

Image Description: NYAP's logo is purple and gray leaves, holding onto each other. National Youth Advocate Program is written in purple, with a gray line between this line and "Caring for People - Connecting Communities - Promoting Peace" Thank you to everyone who volunteered to write cards for our February Card Drive benefiting NYAP (National Youth Advocate Program)! NYAP is a private, non-profit agency that has a non-negotiable commitment to do what is best for children, youth and their families. They serve foster care youth who have experienced mental health and substance use disorders, as well as survived trauma and the families who care for them. With your help, we collected 100 cards for the youth they serve! When told that the cards were mailed out and heading their way, they asked that we share with you their gratefulness and excitement!


Fundraiser Update

Image Description: 4 illustrated people carry large coins and money to place in a jar that's bigger than them. They appear to be excited! Another thanks is due for every single person who donated to our Spread the Love for Survivor Cards fundraiser this last month! We raised $415 out of our $500 goal to fund 500 cards for survivors of trauma. We couldn't have done this without your donations and shares! Each dollar funded a card, its postage, resources and snail mail magic goodies! Read on to learn more about our donation updates!


Donation Method Update

Image Description: A light blue background features an illustrated hand with a heart in the center, a cell phone with apps to the left and the Facebook logo to the right. There are abstract teal and purple shapes around the image. The information below is on the image. We are super excited to share that we can now accept donations through:

  • Google Pay

  • Stripe

  • Check

  • Cash

  • Card

  • & Facebook Fundraising!

Thank you for your patience as we took the steps towards this variety of options for your ease. Checks can be made out to Survivor Cards


Volunteer Corner

Volunteer Highlight

Image Description: A handmade card is painted with water colors. There are shades of blue and green. The card reads "Just hoppin' in to say" and there is a smiling frog. The frog says "I'm proud of you!" You might've seen that we recently received some super cute Survivor Cards from a new volunteer! We've been posting them on our social media and TikTok for your enjoyment. You can also see them on our Past Cards page. We just want to say a big THANK YOU! to C.A. for these super thoughtful cards and we know they'll bring a huge smile to survivors faces!


How to Get Involved with Writing Cards

Image Description: The image is teal, blue and purple. There are abstract shapes and 4 squares with the steps listed below. Have you wanted to write for us, but don't know how to begin? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4!

  1. Gather your supplies. All you need is something to write on and something to write with. We can provide stationery to anyone who needs it!

  2. Visit to view our Writing Tips and Past Cards pages for guidance and inspiration. Avoid toxic positivity by using our Toxic Positivity vs. Alternatives guide.

  3. Write your card(s)! Take your time and reflect. Consider what you've learned during your healing journey or what you'd like to hear on your worst days.

  4. Email to get us your cards. We can cover postage or arrange local drop-off.


How to Get a Card or Nominate a Recipient You can nominate anyone, anywhere (including yourself) for a Survivor Card. All we need is a place to send it! Cards come address from "S Cards" in Cincinnati, OH so those living in shared spaces can keep their privacy. We are also looking for future organizations to provide cards to for the survivors they serve. Simply email us at to learn more! Want to share the word for potential volunteers or recipients?


Thanks for reading and as always, thank you for being here! - Alyson Wick, Founder & President of Survivor Cards Have questions? Email us at

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